We kindly remind you that the following signs are used for toll roads marking in Belarus within BelToll system:

Toll Road 

5.42 «Toll Road» 

End of Toll Road 

5.43 «End of Toll Road»

The signs are placed at a distance sufficient for drivers to select an alternative toll free way and may be accompanied by a specifying sign "Distance to the Object". 

There are information boards - signs of individual design indicating toll road segments and toll obliged categories of vehicles - near the country borders at motor vehicle crossing points.

Info sign

At some motor vehicle crossing points with heavy traffic there are additionally placed information boards - signs of individual design 3x6m in size, made ​​on reflective film, again indicating toll road segments, categories of toll obliged vehicles and the distance to the nearest BelToll Customer Service Point.

Info sign DP

The list of heavy traffic motor vehicle crossing points with additional road signs of individual design of 3x6 meters in size (as of 01.01.2015) includes:

Brest region:

  • Brest, Varshavskoye Shosse Str.,
  • Brest, Katin Bor Str.,
  • Peschatka,
  • Domachevo,
  • Kozlovichi,
  • Verkhny Terebezhov,
  • Divin,
  • Mokrany,
  • Mokhro,
  • Nevel,
  • Oltush,
  • Tomashovka.

Grodno region:

  • Kotlovka,
  • Kamenny Log,
  • Benyakoni,
  • Privalka,
  • Bruzgi,
  • Berestovitsa.

Vitebsk region:

  • Grigorovshchina,
  • Urbany,
  • Redki.

Gomel region:

  • Aleksandrovka,
  • Veselovka,
  • Glushkevichi,
  • Komarin,
  • Novaya Guta,
  • Novaya Rudnya.

A detailed list of toll road segments can be found