Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

+375 172 798-798; +375 25 798 95 95;
+375 44 798 95 95 ; +375 29 798 95 95;
 e-mail: info@beltoll.by 

All disputes and discrepancies connected with the toll road use, charging and the collection of the toll (including toll charging at higher rate) shall be resolved by means of submitting claims.

  •  In case you have claims regarding toll charging at a higher rate (substitution fee), please, fill in the claim form according to the sample:

 Claim-form ENG

Sign it and send it to Transport Inspection of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus (220088, Minsk, Smolenskaya Str. 15-717) by registered mail with confirmation.

In case you have claims connected with charging and the collection of toll, please fill in the claim form and address it to the Public Enterprise "Belavtostrada" (220073, Minsk, 4 Zagorodny Lane, 58a).

Please, be notified that when filing in claims for assessment and collection of substitution fees you should provide copies of the following documents:

  1. The Act of Offence of the procedure of toll collection for passage on toll roads (drawn up by an authorized official of the Transport Inspection);
  2. Appendix to the Act of Offence;
  3. Document, confirming the payment of a substitution fee (if available).

For prompt receipt and review of claims connected with the toll road use, charging and the collection of the toll (including toll charging at higher rate) single point of contact is available now at Belavtostrada (involving representatives of SI "Transport Inspection", SI "Belavtostrada" and FLLC "Kapsch Telematic Services").

According to Paragraph 1 of Clause 12 of “Act on Citizens’ and Legal Entities Appeals” №300-3 dated 18.07.2011 all the claims are to be submitted in the Belarusian or Russian languages. According to Clause 18 written replies are to be provided in the language of the claim.

In addition to posting, claims can be submitted in person at the following address:

  • Minsk, 25 Briketa Str. Working hours: 24/7.


Please be advised that the procedure for submitting electronic claims associated with the operation of the BelToll system has undergone changes. Starting 16 August, 2017, claims are not accepted at the electronic address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To submit an electronic claim, users will need to be authorized at the website www.beltoll.by in the section “Appeals / Authorazation” by filling in all of the necessary fields:

  1. E-mail.
  2. Verification code (symbols on the page).

As soon as the Authorization Success message is shown, a link to fill the Claim Form will be sent to the indicated User’s address.

Other ways to submit a claim (personal submission at Transport Inspection, and BelToll customer service points, as well as by mail to the addresses of Belavtostrada and Transport Inspection) remain valid.

Reference chapter of the Toll Act:

In case of redressing the claim connected with charging and collection of toll, funds to be returned shall be transferred to a person who has paid the toll in the same manner as the toll was paid by the requisites indicated by the payer when he deposited the toll funds unless otherwise is provided by the Operator*.

* Operator - Foreign Limited Liability Company "Kapsch Telematic Services".

Procedure for submitting claims on charging and collection of the toll is described According to Clauses 69-81 of the Regulation № 340 "On toll collection procedure for passage of motor vehicles on toll roads of the Republic of Belarus", approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus on 30.04.2013.