Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

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According to the legislation, all incidents refer to a certain type of incident. All incidents registered in relation to one vehicle within two hours are classified to one violation. The type of violation is determined by the most serious incident recorded in the sequence of incidents. Every type of violation corresponds to a certain amount of substitution fee.

The type of violation is specified by a certain number in the Appendix to the Act of violation. In addition, the detailed explanation of each number corresponding to certain type of violation is provided.


Different reasons that could cause a certain type of incident:

Incident type Reason  
Incident type 1 Incorrect placement of an On-Board Unit (OBU) or its absence on a windscreen of a vehicle. Read more
Incident type 3 Use of an OBU configured for the less quantity of axles than prescribed by the User manual for this vehicle.

Read more

Incident type 4 Absence of fixed payment on the OBU. Read more
Incident type 5 Use of an OBU not ready to pay (OBU balance is suspended or blocked). Read more
Incident type 12 Usage of an OBU not personalised for this vehicle. Read more