Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

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Questions related to My Account

Yes, the total duration of My Account session is limited to 15 minutes. Furthermore, if you do not take any action within 10 minutes after authorization, the session will be prematurely terminated.

Yes, you can change your credentials in the respective section of My Account at any time. If you try to access My Account with the previous login and password after changing your credentials, your account will be temporarily disabled after three unsuccessful authorization attempts.

You can check your violations in My Account, if the vehicle is registered in the Republic of Belarus (BY). Should you commit a violation, it will be displayed in My Account within 24 hours. Information about the violation can be stored in the system for 36 months. After you pay for the committed violation, the information in My Account will be updated within 24 hours.

If your agreement is pre-active (i.e. you have not yet received your OBU and have not signed the BelToll system service agreement), you can edit contact information, customer data, account information (vehicle number, vehicle class, country of registration). If your agreement is active (you have received your OBU and signed the BelToll system service agreement), you can only edit your contact details.

Yes, if you switch the display language to any language other than the Russian during My Account authorization, the security code (captcha) will also be displayed in your chosen language.

Yes, if you switch the display language to any language other than Russian after My Account authorization, your chosen language will be used in My Account.

In My Account, you can view information about write-offs and top-ups, and also download and print the required document in one of the available formats.

my account 01In this menu, you can get detailed and brief information about write-offs, the number of transactions made for your vehicle (or several vehicles) only for the current period (month). The document is generated in PDF, XLS or TXT format.

my account 02In this menu, you can get brief information about top-ups, write-offs and current balance (for pre-paid agreements) only for the current period (month). This information is available without the possibility of further downloading and document generation.

my account 03In this menu, you can get detailed or brief breakdown for the previous period (month). The documents are generated automatically within the first week after the start of the next period (month). The documents are generated only in the PDF format. They contain a facsimile seal of the owner of the system – Belavtostrada State Enterprise.

You need to get a login and a password to access My Account. This data will be sent to you immediately after the conclusion of the BelToll system service agreement. It will be sent to your e-mail, which you have provided at the time the agreement was concluded.

Yes, it is possible. If you failed to provide your email information when concluding the contract at a service point, you can register your Account on the www.beltoll.by website in the Enter Account tab by clicking the Register Now button.

After you have received your login and password by e-mail, you need to complete authorization in the appropriate section at the web-site – enter your credentials and the security verification code (captcha). After the first successful login you need to change your username, which will be further used to access My Account. However, your initial password, which you have received by e-mail, remains the same.

Access to My Account and all information about write-offs, top-ups and reports in the BelToll system are available within 180 days after agreement termination. After this period, you will not be able to access this information, so we recommend that you save all necessary documents beforehand, prior to the end of My Account access period.

If your Account has been blocked due to failed authorization attempts, you need to call the Infoline, and the specialists will help to restore your username and password for entering your Account, or you can do it on the www.beltoll.by website in the Enter Account tab by clicking the Register Now button.

No. When registering a vehicle in the electronic toll collection system, when concluding a toll road usage agreement, each user is assigned a specific customer identification number – Customer ID. My Account is created for each Customer ID. You can add an unlimited number of toll road usage agreements with the same customer (an individual person or a legal entity) to My Account. To do this, you need to provide your current Customer ID during the conclusion of each new toll road usage agreement at the Customer Service Point before the documents are executed.

In My Account, you can:

Pursuant to Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 340, personalized access to the official website enables a user to read information about toll road payments, as well as registered violations and their types (non-payment and/or incomplete payment), for which substitution fees have not been paid.

The objective of the display of such information is to provide a user with timely information about possible violations of the rules for the use of toll roads and enable them to take measures to prevent such incidents from happening again. Therefore, information about the existing violations is displayed in WEB SELF-CARE immediately after its registration by the ETC System facilities.

 Nevertheless, after the registration of a violation in the ETC System, the information about the violation goes through a series of additional check phases before being saved in the Transport Inspection’s databases, which may take some time.


The information about a violation registered by the ETC System is promptly displayed in WEB SELF-CARE on the official website in order to inform the user about possible violations of the rules for the use of toll roads and enable them to take measures to prevent such incidents from happening again. Where information about violations is not confirmed at following check phases, such a violation is removed from WEB SELF-CARE automatically. This means that there is no violation. A substitution fee is only paid based on an Act of Violation drawn up by an authorized officer at the Transport Inspection. A receipt indicating the amount of substitution fee is attached to the Act of Violation. Therefore, making a claim regarding the charging and collection of a substitution fee is only possible once an officer at the Transport Inspection signs a respective Act of Violation.