Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

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Questions about the On-Board Unit

NO. The use of the on-board unit is limited to the BelToll system in the Republic of Belarus. Similar technologies and units can be used in other countries. However, the on-board unit can only be used within the BelToll system.

Before entering any toll road, drivers of vehicles with the maximum laden weight exceeding 3.5 tons (except for buses) must set a correct number of axles on their onboard unit.

In general the basic vehicle axle category is set during registration and can't be changed by the user to a lower axle setting. The driver of a vehicle must always set the number of axles according to the actual number of axles including trailers and semi-trailers. The drivers of caravans and equivalent vehicles also need to set the number of axles including trailers and semi-trailers and in accordance with the rules for towing other vehicles.

The driver of the vehicle is responsible for setting the correct number of axles! Detailed instructions for the correct changing of axles is here.

A working OBU is beeping by passing a gantry. In case that the OBU is NOT beeping at all by passing a gantry the OBU is malfunctioning. In case of a Heavy Good Vehicle OBU a malfunction is also indicated if there is no light signal (when pressing the button).
A defective or damaged on-board unit must be replaced immediately at the nearest Customer service point. The driver is personally responsible for:

  • avoiding any arbitrary manipulation of the on-board unit;
  • protecting the on-board unit from damages.

In case of any damage attributable to the user, the deposit will be retained, the defective OBU will be locked and all stored vehicle data will be transferred to a new on-board unit against new payment of a deposit. In case of any damage not attributable to the user, the defective OBU will be locked and replaced free of charge by a new one. All stored vehicle data will be transferred or the deposit will be refunded after the unit has been returned.

The deposit will be refunded provided there are no outstanding debt upon return of an onboard unit in good order at any Customer Service Point.

The deposit will NOT be refunded if:

  • the onboard unit is damaged;
  • the onboard unit has any unrelated inscriptions or labels;
  • the onboard unit is reported as lost or stolen;
  • three years have passed from the last transaction in the BelToll system;
  • the onboard unit is blocked by an Operator;
  • a payment instrument is blocked by an issuer (for post-payment contracts).

The onboard unit can be easily installed on the inside of the windscreen and needs no connection to a power source in a vehicle. Detailed information about installation is available in the User Manual on beltoll.by.

    This is an on-board unit for vehicles with maximum laden weight not exceeding 3.5 tons: 

    OBU LV

    This is an on-board unit for vehicles with maximum laden weight over 3.5 tons:


    No. The onboard unit is intended for the use in the electronic toll collection system in Belarus only and money will not be withdrawn from the OBU account outside Belarus.

    The onboard unit stores various data specifically assigned to a vehicle for its identification. This specific data includes data on the vehicle registration number, the number of axles and a unique account ID. To avoid any toll payment procedure violations in case of data modification, you must go to a Customer Service Point to terminate the current contract and enter into a new one for the new registration number before entering a toll road.

    As soon as the battery is flat, bring the on-board unit (OBU) to the nearest Customer Service Point for replacement. It is not possible to charge the battery the way you do it for a mobile phone. A low battery capacity of the OBU is indicated by 2x beep. In case the battery is empty there is No beep at all. The average service life of an on-board unit is approx. 5 years. After its service life, the OBU can be replaced free of charge at any Customer Service Point within a few minutes.

    The on-board unit (OBU) is the device, installed in the motor vehicle of the road user. The OBU allows the BelToll system to collect toll through accurate identification of the toll-paying vehicle and processing of stored data. The battery powered on-board unit can be easily attached to the inside of the windscreen and needs not be connected to a power source in the vehicle. The OBU will be handed over at the Customer Service Points after registration and payment of an established deposit.

    In case of your onboard unit loss or theft you must immediately contact the Infoline or go to the nearest Customer Service Point. The onboard unit will be immediately locked to avoid further use. To get a new onboard unit, you should make a deposit anew. The deposit for the lost or stolen onboard unit shall not be refunded.