Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

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Questions about Registration

In a post-pay mode you can register several vehicles under one post-pay contract.

In a pre-pay mode you have to conclude one pre-pay contract for one dedicated vehicle.

No. Each on-board unit is assigned to one specific vehicle plate number only and shall not be used on another vehicle.

The use of an onboard unit which is not registered for a given vehicle and its plate number shall be regarded as violation of toll payment procedure.

To get an on-board unit you have to register in the electronic toll collection system first. The registration is available on beltoll.by, via fleet cards issuers or at Customer Service Points.

After registration on the website or via a fleet card issuer, one should address to any Customer Service Point, submit documents, enter into a contract and get an onboard unit. Documents required for entering into pre-payment contracts are listed in section BelToll system/Registration Information/Pre-Pay Mode here. Documents required for entering into post-payment contracts are listed in section BelToll system/Registration Information/Post-Pay Mode here.

The registration is available:

With a post-pay contract you can use the toll roads without stopping again. You have to register and finalize your contract only once and then you get your on-board unit (OBU). The usage of the toll road will be paid according to the invoice afterwards.

Depending on the contract type, the BelToll system offers payment via your fleet card issuer (possible for post-pay contracts), also by cash, bank cards or fleet cards (for pre-pay contracts).