Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

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General Questions

The Infoline provides you with the following information and services:

  • information about the BelToll system and registration;
  • support with registration process;
  • help with questions about the OBU, such as assembly, notification, loss, theft, etc.

BelToll is an electronic toll collection system based on Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC). Direct communication of the so-called multi-lane free-flow facility (MLFF) between the on-board unit and the toll gantries allows fully automatic calculation of the toll when passing through the toll portals. Neither the speed needs to be reduced nor a special lane used here. This means moving traffic for all road-users!

The legal basis for the introduction of the BelToll system in the Republic of Belarus is the Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated September 27, 2012 No. 426 "On Individual Issues Concerning the Collection of Tolls for the Use of the Toll Road Network in the Republic of Belarus".

BelToll is an electronic toll collection system operating on certain roads of the Republic of Belarus since 01.08.2013. The list of toll roads covered by the BelToll system, as well as the map of toll roads, is available at beltoll.by.

Generally the following services are provided at Customer Service Points:

  • provision of general and specific information about the BelToll system;
  • provision of  information regarding account status;
  • provision of a full range of services regarding contract registration, conclusion and termination, return of an onboard unit (OBU) etc. for pre-payment contracts;
  • handling of payment services (topping-up of  account, making deposit, etc. for pre-payment contracts);
  • issue or replacement of an OBU (including check of OBU functionality);
  • issue of an OBU if the registration in the BelToll system has been carried out via a fleet card issuer, as well as closing an account/termination of a contract for using toll roads;
  • provision of information on tariffs and toll road network;
  • filing a complaint regarding the operation of the BelToll system.

The Customer Service Points are mainly located at petrol stations, rest areas and near border crossing points. They are specially indicated in the toll road network.

Information about BelToll is available:

The following services are provided at the website www.beltoll.by:

  • up-to-date information about the BelToll system;
  • information about toll rates;
  • a static map of the toll road network;
  • toll calculator;
  • Customer Service Points finder and a list including addresses of the Customer Service; Points, opening hours and services provided;
  • possibility to register including all templates;
  • access to "My Account";
  • useful links.