Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

+375 172 798-798; +375 25 798 95 95;
+375 44 798 95 95 ; +375 29 798 95 95;
 e-mail: info@beltoll.by 

Questions about Toll Obligation

NO. The EURO emission class does not affect the toll amount.

To make such calculations you can use Toll Calculator  on the website. After you enter the information on the route with indication of a starting point and an end point, as well as information on the vehicle category and number of axles, the toll calculator will show the route, the estimated trip duration and the expected toll fee for the specified road section within the toll road network.

The Toll Calculator is a tool to calculate the route along the toll roads, but the User is free to choose which roads to use to travel across the Republic of Belarus.

Drivers of vehicles, using toll roads in the Republic of Belarus, are obliged to pay toll for the exception of exempt vehicles.

The amount of the payment in the BelToll system depends on the following factors:

  • the length of a toll road section;
  • a vehicle category (e.g. vehicles with the maximum laden weight not exceeding 3.5 tons, and vehicles exceeding 3.5 tons);
  • number of axles.

The toll tariffs are established by Decree of the Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus dated December 29, 2012 No. 68.

The following vehicles shall be exempt from paying toll when using toll roads within the BelToll system:

* Owners of these vehicles must address the State Institution Belavtostrada (4th Zagorodny lane, 58a, Minsk, 220073) for conclusion of the road user contract in exemption mode. To download the application form for this contract conclusion please click here.