Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

+375 172 798-798; +375 25 798 95 95;
+375 44 798 95 95 ; +375 29 798 95 95;
 e-mail: info@beltoll.by 

Dear BelToll System Users,

Please note that RUE “Belpochta” has temporarily suspended the acceptance of outgoing mail (written correspondence) to all countries except Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China, and the Russian Federation. In this regard, no responses to claims can be mailed to other foreign countries starting from 18 March 2020.

We recommend that you submit electronic appeals on the www.beltoll.by website in the “Appeals” tab having filled in the following fields:

  • E-mail address;
  • Verification code (characters in the picture).

After a message on successful authorization appears, a link to the Appeal Form will be sent to the indicated e-mail address of the user.

The users who submitted an appeal and indicated their mailing address only are asked to register a new appeal (type General) on the www.beltoll.by website and indicate the violation number stated in the complaint filed before, and the e-mail address to which the response will be sent.


We draw your attention to the fact that RUE “Belpochta”, following the temporary suspension of acceptance of outgoing mail announced on 18 March 2020, resumes the acceptance of outgoing mail (written correspondence) to some countries, such as Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Finland, France, Sweden, and Estonia, in addition to Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation.

At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that there may be delays in the delivery of written correspondence due to the recent events and the globally declared coronavirus pandemic.