Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

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+375 44 798 95 95 ; +375 29 798 95 95;
 e-mail: info@beltoll.by 

Dear Users,

Please be informed that reconstruction of the republican highway M-7/E 28 Minsk – Oshmyany – the border of the Republic of Lithuania (Kamenny Log) on the section stretching from 57.7 km to 90.397 km in the Minsk region began on 7 August. Therefore, toll collection will be temporarily suspended on the specified section of the road from 12:00 a.m. on 8 August 2020, for the period of reconstruction works and until their completion.

If you already HAVE A CONTRACT and move along this toll road section during the period of works, the correctly installed electronic payment device will emit sound signals when you drive under toll collection stations in accordance with the technical operations manual (user manual). However, NO funds will be debited from your account for passing through this section of the road.

The resumption of toll collection on the specified section of the toll road will be announced additionally.