Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

+375 172 798-798; +375 25 798 95 95;
+375 44 798 95 95 ; +375 29 798 95 95;
 e-mail: info@beltoll.by 

An e-mail with data required to access your Account in Web Self-Care (customer ID and password) has been sent to the e-mail address specified in your toll road use contract.

If you did not indicate your e-mail address in the contract or you did but want to use another e-mail, you can create My Account on the www.beltoll.by website (go to Enter Account – Register now).

As soon as you register your e-mail address, you will receive a notice with the data to access your Account (client ID (login) and password). In order to log in to your Account in Web Self-Care, you need to enter the client ID (login) and password, as well as the security check code (captcha) from the notice.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will need to change your username (client ID/login) and use it to access your Account in Web Self-Care later on. You do not need to change your password at this stage.

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For more details on work in your Account see FAQ or Your Account Guide.