SMS Balance Request.
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SMS Balance Request.

SMS balance request

SMS balance request is a convenient way to check the balance of your on-board unit from your mobile phone available for prepayment contracts.

How to check your balance using SMS?

SMS information is available for all the conratcts serviced in prepayment mode.*

To check the balance, please send an SMS of the following type to the number +375 29 222 07 07

BELTOLL#User ID#Contract ID 

The cost of a sent SMS request equals the cost of an SMS message according to your tariff plan with the mobile operator.

As soon as the SMS request is sent, the user receives a response in the following format:

Справочный баланс/Balance: ХХХХХХХ=ХХХ.ХХBYN_XX:XX:XX

Where ХХХХХХХ is the number of the contract indicated in the request, ХХХ.ХХBYN is the amount of the balance provided for reference, XX:XX:XX is time when the indicated amount was on the balance.

Other formats of responses are possible in some cases:

1. If there is a mistake in the text of the SMS request (absence of the hash symbol (#), missing or extra symbol), or if the User ID and/or Contract ID information entered is not accurate, the user receives a response in the following format:

  Неверные данные/Incorrect data +375172798798**

2. If the service is unavailable due to maintenance, etc., the user receives a response message in the following format:

Сервис недоступен/Out of service +375172798798**

*SMS balance request is available if you use services of a mobile operator from the List of Countries, bserve conditions for provision of telecommunication services established by your operator, and in case of absence of unforeseen technical difficulties.

**BelToll Infoline number