Electronic Vignette from 15 December
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Electronic Vignette from 15 December

Dear Users,

A new payment method will become available in the national electronic toll collection system of the Republic of Belarus, BelToll, on 15 December 2020. Drivers of vehicles with a maximum laden weigh not exceeding 3.5 tonnes, obliged to pay, will be able to pay for the period during which they plan to use toll roads using an electronic vignette.

The key advantage of this payment method is lack of necessity to contact a BelToll Customer Service Point – you can purchase an electronic vignette online in the corresponding section of the official website of the system, www.beltoll.by. When a user purchases an electronic vignette, the details of the corresponding vehicle (license plate number and country of registration), as well as the information about the selected period of its validity, are transmitted to the BelToll system, which automatically monitors the user’s compliance with the toll payment procedure further on the road.

An electronic vignette can be purchased starting from 1 December 2020, for either 15 or 30 calendar days, or a calendar year; it costs 14, 22 and 75 EUR, respectively, and is paid by the user in Belarusian rubles in accordance with the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus at the time of payment. In this case, a calendar year shall mean the period from 1 January to 31 December of the corresponding year, as well as the last 15 calendar days of the previous year and the first 15 calendar days of the following year.

The users of the electronic toll collection system shall note that the introduction of the Electronic Vignette does not eliminate the possibility to use the traditional method of payment with an OBU for any vehicles obliged to pay toll in the Republic of Belarus.